Introduction to Plumbing - Then What?

We host a range of courses in all types of trades from Carpentry courses to Electrical courses and everything in between! One of our most popular trades is Plumbing! When looking to get into the trade of plumbing the learning curve may be steep if you have no experience, therefore we recommend our introductory course. - Today we will be talking about what you will learn on our Introduction to Plumbing Course and where to go from there if upon completion you are eager to develop further...

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Students getting some practical experience on our Plumbing courses.


Our Introduction to Plumbing Course is perfect for getting a taste of the trade. Over the 5-days you will become familiar with the fundamentals of the trade learning skills like; soldering techniques, jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube, pipework, understanding basic plumbing systems and much more. This course is entirely hands-on and is ideal for anyone looking to learn basic domestic plumbing but additionally it can act as a great taster course for somebody who is considering a career as a Plumber but want's to gain the initial basic principles and ultimately give you an opportunity to know if the trade is something you could do and enjoy on a daily basis. This course has been recognised as a great introduction to the trade by City and Guilds, because of that you will receive a certificate at the end

Where do I go from there?

After completing the introductory course you should be looking to gain a solid qualification that will allow you to begin working...Our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course will teach you to become a plumber from scratch. This 6-week course includes everything you need to know from a theory perspective and on the practical side with the valuable skills and experience that you will gain over the time spent on the course. The course will provide you with a range of plumbing skills covering various topics including electrical principles and processes, common plumbing processes, cold water systems, domestic hot water systems, sanitation, central heating systems and drainage systems. Overall this is the best option around when looking to become a professional plumber, if you want to come and see for yourself you are welcome to pay us a visit during the week here in Dartford, Kent. 

Don't have the time?

If you already have an existing job or simply prior arrangements that mean you are unable to commit to a 6-week course, know that we do offer some alternative training methods...Including the ability to take this course in it's entirety over a series of weekends instead of on a Monday to Friday basis. Hopefully this option to study with us on the weekend is useful for some of you who find they have little time on their hands during the week. We also offer a 'Home-Study' option - Our Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course hopes to reduce the amount of time needed here at our centre by providing you with the materials needed to learn the theory side of the course at home, before returning to us for 4-weeks to learn the practical side and complete assessments. The 4-weeks can be chosen by you and should be separate!

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If you would like to learn more about our City & Guilds Plumbing courses then give us a call on 01322 280 202. We are happy to help in any way that we can, whether you are looking to enroll over the phone or you simply have some questions. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to a member of staff in person about our Plumbing courses or any other training then know that you are welcome to pay us a visit a visit any day of the week, we are open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30. Read more information on our website by clicking on any of the links throughout this article, you can enroll onto our courses online - Just look for the green button "Reserve your Space".

If you live a considerable distance from our centre, know that we have accommodation available exclusively for our students for the reasonable price of £20 per night! - If you are interested in our accommodation make sure to contact us ahead of your courses starting date as spaces are limited!

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