Contractor firm Mace Plus has set itself a target of a £200 million annual turnover by 2012, according to Construction News, which could give more jobs to those on electrician and plumber training courses.

The group wants to win big contracts within a variety of different sectors, which could amount to the extra £50 million needed to reach its aim.

Should this happen, many job opportunities could open up to different tradesmen - especially those with approved electrical, plumbing, gas or plastering qualifications - as the group endeavours to perform regular, high-quality construction work.

Managing director Mark Castle believes it is important for the contractors to be involved in projects nationwide.

"The directors said Mace Plus had strong growth in the south-east during its first five years. The strategy is to build on this and increase its exposure to other UK regions," he said.

Five Mace Plus projects have been included on the shortlist for the 2009 Excellence in BSF awards, it announced yesterday (October 29th).

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