The trade paint manufacturer, Leyland, has launched a new refreshed substrate guide for its professional clients, aimed at allowing them to have more information about their choices.

The new item of product literature provides professional painters and plasterers with a quick and easy reference point, all in the package of a pocket-sized guide. The literature provides information on the quality, purpose and suitability of each product, among other qualities.

It also includes sections on the brand’s new Fast Drying range and its Matt products. Leyland Trade Marketing Manager, Sharon Hendry said that it would be no good just providing the materials for professionals without equipping them with further information.

“As one of the leading paint brands in the country, it is crucial that Leyland Trade continues to develop its customer support material,” she explained. “This guide is ideal for anyone from professional painters on large-scale projects to home renovators, it’s so simple to use and makes choosing a Leyland product effortless.”

The brochure contains a new section that is dedicated to providing information on common substrate defects and solutions, as well as an extended section on exterior substrates. It also shows products that can be customised to meet the colour requirements of clients using the innovative in-store tinting machines found in all preferred Leyland stockists.