Able Skills starts back in 2012 on Monday 02nd January - Bank Holiday!We open 2012 with a brand new group of C&G 6129 level 2 Plumbing course students. These students have initially signed up for 8 weeks of plumbing training and the majority of them will continue onto a 3 week Gas course, Gas portfolio placement and then finally, ACS gas assessments.The students on this 8 week level 2 plumbing course are clearly looking at 'New Year, New Career' and where and when better to start than at Able Skills at the start of a brand new year.Soldiers to Plumbers4 of the students who are starting this Plumbing course are Forces guys undertaking Plumbing and Gas training as part of their forces resettlement package, after years of service for Queen and Country they are looking forward to a complete change of career. We are confident that our coverage of the C&G 6129 level 2 plumbing course will provide them with all of the skills that they require to get them started and on their way to becoming successful Plumbers.This is just the start of 2012 for Able Skills and Plumbing courses, there are more to come as our C&G 6129 Plumbing courses start every 8 weeks. Every plumbing course delivered at Able Skills is done so under the guidance of Plumbing instructor Toby Mayes and is overlooked by Able Skills lead Plumbing instructor, Jim Singleton - an ex Royal Engineer himself so he will very much enjoy this group of Plumbing course students.Able Skills is looking to promote Plumbing training in a big way in 2012 because we have so much to offer any potential student looking at a Plumbing career. We can progress all plumbing course students in any direction they choose as we have dedicated Gas training facilities, dedicated Renewable technology training facilities, dedicated Domestic Electrics (Part P) training facilities and for those Plumbers who want to be able to offer a complete bathroom or kitchen service,?