There are a lot of residential clients who are more receptive to having a woman with plumbing course qualifications in their home, it has been claimed.

Clare King, manager of the female-only Pink Lady Plumbing, told BBC News that her operations have been a huge success since she started the organisation five years ago.

In her opinion, part of the reason her service has done well is because often women live alone in a property and may feel "vulnerable" if a male technician who has taken plumbing courses arrives to carry out repairs.

"It helps that the company allows customers the chance to feel at ease in their homes, that's what makes female-only plumbers popular," Ms King was quoted as saying.

Pink Lady Plumbing offers conventional plumbing services, as well as central heating maintenance, decorating and bathroom installation.

The company, which employs women while they are gaining their professional qualifications, can be found on Peppercorn Way in Northampton.

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