While the majority of employees in the electrical industry may be male, there are plenty of job opportunities for females.

A growing number of women are looking to become fully qualified electricians due to the numerous employment opportunities available in the electrical industry despite the economic downturn.

The credit crunch has hit women worse then men with a greater number facing redundancy compared to their male counterparts and this has resulted in more females wanting to retrain and enter the electrical industry.

Although the industry has a reputation for being heavily male dominated, this has started to change in recent years as more and more women have taken electrical courses and qualified as fully competent engineers.

There have been a number of schemes set up to address the gender gap within the industry and women have been encouraged to take advantage of these in order to improve their skills and achieve qualifications.

Electrical companies are also more than willing to employee female engineers as they are popular with older customers and people from certain religions who are not comfortable with men being in their home.