Person measuring out wallpaper on a trestle table

Whether you’re looking to give your home’s aesthetic a complete overhaul or just want to refresh your living room, summer is as good a time as any to tap into those hidden DIY skills. 

While bigger jobs may require in-depth or professional knowledge, there are plenty of tasks you’ll be able to tackle yourself with just basic skills that could make the world of difference to how a space looks.

As we head into the warmer months, we’ve taken a look at what design experts are predicting will be the most popular home decor trends for Summer 2023, along with some of the skills that might be required to complete them for yourself. 

Sustainable design

We’re far more environmentally conscious these days, a positive trait that has translated over to how many homeowners approach DIY projects.

This could range from recycling and upcycling old materials like tiles to create a statement look in an entrance hallway, to making use of carbon-neutral materials like natural woods for tabletops and counters. 

Muted paint colours

In Good Housekeeping’s predictions for home decor trends, Linda Hayslett, Founder, LH.Designs says her clients are seeing more people embracing the use of deep, earthy, calming paint shades such as mustard and plumb alongside traditional muted palettes like green and brown. 

This is a relatively straightforward trend that people can tackle with some basic painting skills, but can instantly transform a room in a short space of time. 


According to Katie Paulsen, Lead Interior Designer for Maestri Studio, plaster finishes in rooms are becoming increasingly popular due to their comforting quality as opposed to cleaner, more refined looks. 

Those who are interested in being able to plaster their own home may want to consider taking a short, 5-day introductory course that will equip you with the essential skills to do so.

Statement stripes

For those in search of something more striking, stripes are a great way to instantly make a wall or room significantly more vibrant. These contrasts can be achieved through both wallpaper and paint, both of which are covered in our Introduction to Painting and Decorating course

White walls

While admittedly not groundbreaking, plenty of design experts are predicting that white walls and ceilings will be a big trend again this summer, as homeowners look to keep things clean and simple, while also creating an open feel by reflecting natural light in a room. 

White-painted, wallpapered or plastered walls also offer a neutral backdrop, opening up the possibility of furnishing a room with contrasting statement pieces effortlessly. 

If you’re planning on using summer to rejuvenate your home, Able Skills offers a number of short, introductory courses that have been designed by experts to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to complete common DIY jobs like painting, decorating and plastering. If you want any more information, you’re more than welcome to visit us in the training centre any time we’re open for a chat, or If you can’t make it in, give us a call on 01322 280 202.