With cutbacks being implemented across the military, many armed services personnel are finding themselves needing to retrain in order to find employment. Construction offers an ideal option to people who are used to being involved in the army, as it involves a great deal of physical labour, as well as mental stimulation and enables skills that were honed within the military to be used in civilian life.

The construction industry continues to grow within the UK and with a bricklaying course you will be ideally placed to take advantage of the growth that is sure to come. The construction industry is not just about building, there are also many options to retrain for a wide range of jobs - from plastering to electrical work and plumbing, to painting and decorating.

Take one of the bricklaying courses and get involved with the major work needed to be undertaken when buildings are being constructed or use your skills in one of the many other areas available. With a military background you will be ideally placed to be able to handle the demands of this sector. You might also wish to consider commercial gas courses in order to enhance your chances of employment even further.

After completing any one of the numerous construction courses available you will find that you are ideally placed to become self-employed should you so wish; a move that will open up a whole range of new opportunities. Re-training after leaving the military does not have to be a daunting experience and when carried out properly can bring fulfilment and satisfaction to your life.