Interest in plumbing courses could be boosted by the introduction of new regulations from Brussels.

While many tradesmen will attend such training to improve their skills, they can also keep their knowledge of legislation in the sector up to date by signing up for this type of qualification.

H&V News reporter Dennis Flower described how a "mass of new regulation" is about to hit the construction sector as a result of the European performance of buildings directive (EPBD), which could prompt workers to sign up for plumbing courses.

Among the changes that the bill will bring in is the removal of a size threshold with regards to energy efficiency in buildings, according to the journalist.

The European Commission and Parliament hope to use the EPBD to establish minimum standards for low and zero carbon structures, among other goals.

Mr Flower suggested it would be in the interests of everyone in the trade to encourage the government to enforce regulations, particularly when it comes to health and safety and environmental issues.

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