Homeowners who have a problem with their property are more willing to call in the help of a professional who has taken a plumber or electrician training course than carry out repairs themselves, according to Build It magazine.

It was recently revealed by Screwfix that 51 per cent of British males cannot rewire a plug, while two-thirds would not even try to tackle electrical or plumbing problems if they do not know what they are doing.

The research also found that some 13 per cent of young adult men find it hard to change a light bulb.

Duncan Hayes, editor at Build It, commented that DIY skills may be getting lost among Britons as people are more willing to call out a professional.

"They feel that they earn the money and they would rather spend it paying someone to fix their leaks than buying some plumbing tools, buying a book on plumbing and finding a dad or uncle who could maybe help," he said.

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