Hi all, my name is Peter CockettJust wanted to pop in and say a little about my recent 6 week course at Able Skills in Dartford. I got made redundant at the start of the year and decided to retrain, it was the best thing I did! The 6 weeks went by in a flash (unfortunately). On the first day I was a bit nervous about what to expect, but it was straight down to business with cutting tiles, really hands on from the start. Max and Terry were superb throughout, nothing was ever too much trouble, they were always there to give advice on how to do things correctly, even if it took me 5 attempts to finally understand the method! since completing the course, Max has been great at dispensing advice whenever I have sent him an email, its been invaluable to me really, saves me plenty of brain cellsI would certainly recommend it to anyone if I was asked, it was a great environment to work in, with great tutors, and I was lucky enough to meet some great people on the course. The only downside was Max is an avid Arsenal fan, and I'm a Spurs fan! But I didn't hold it against him, although I cant say the same for him!