Able Skills' trainee tiler Peter has successfully completed the final week of the NVQ 8 Week Tiling Course.The last week is dedicated to complex tiling tasks as tilers are sometimes asked to undertake specialist projects which require intricate cuts and beautiful finishes.He said: "Final week done. I went back to tiling this week, tiling a Victorian pathway which was slow but very rewarding. One thing I learned from this week is that you have absolutely no room for error with this stuff. Feel confident that I could take on the pathways but only in the summer lol."Able Skills will continue to support Peter through his learning process and are proud to note that he is likely to achieve the full NVQ qualification."I was registered for my NVQ this week and received my portfolio. Had a discussion with Max about compiling my portfolio and went through some case studies of previously completed portfolios which made the process very straight forward.""I have got some work lined up so hoping to gain the NVQ as soon as possible," he added.If you want to follow Peter into the tiling industry then you should visit our NVQ 8 week tiling course page.Able Skills can provide training at weekends if you have work or other commitments through the week as we aim to make learning available to as many people as possible.