A career as a Plumber is currently one of the best career opportunities and one of the best paid in the trade industry right now, this is due to the shortage of properly trained and qualified Plumbers.


When entering the plumbing industry it is vital that you get the correct training and to not try complete work that is out of your capabilities. The shortage of Plumbers in the industry is giving customers long waiting times for a Plumber to come round and sort their problem. More Plumbers are needed and they need to be trained and qualified correctly.

Many people will complete a Level 2 Plumbing course and assume they are a fully qualified Plumber, however, this isn’t the case as the Level 3 Plumbing course is the next progression from this and will give you more skills and a higher qualification to complete more work as a Plumber.

The Level 3 course covers further aspects of plumbing and design and complex heating systems. This provides a platform for them to go onto their gas training and becoming Gas Safe. This will increase a new Plumber’s employability and will also enable them to carry out and offer more work to customers.


Here is one of our Level 3 Plumbers hard at work.

You also have the option of moving onto the NVQ which will allow you then to apply for a CSCS card that will then allow you to work on-site as a Plumber.  We highly recommend taking the NVQ qualification if you have access to plumbing work and can provide a portfolio of your work because this will make it much easier for you to achieve an NVQ qualification after you have finished your Level 3 Plumbing course.

This structured programme is predominantly theory based but we have been able to structure in a fair amount of practical work which will be carried out in our dedicated level 3 plumbing workshop and also in our dedicated gas training areas.

You will then be assessed through practical assignments and multiple choice exams to show your progress and ensure that you have a full grasp of everything that is being taught.

Some current Level 3 Plumbing students have said the course is really interesting learning areas of plumbing in more detail and preparing to then move onto their gas training.

The majority of our Level 2 Plumbing students have stayed with us and moved to the level 3 course and then onto gas to complete their full training.

If you are interested in a Level 3 Plumbing course or any other plumbing courses please contact us on: 01322 280202