More investment in the construction industry has the potential to stimulate wider economic growth, cut carbon emissions and fill skills gaps in the sector, according to a new report from the CBI.

Those with electrical and plumbing qualifications could particularly benefit from such investment, as the market is currently "facing a serious skills shortage", according to John McDonough, chairman of the CBI's construction council.

He said that graduates of plumbing and electrical courses could benefit from the creation and support of new apprenticeships, which could in turn help to fuel the production of a low-carbon economy.

In addition to making low-carbon improvements to schools and hospitals, qualified electricians can also help homeowners reduce their carbon emissions - potentially cutting down on energy costs at the same time.

Active You blogger Jed Walters suggested that power outlets and light switches could be insulated for greater savings, while installing a programmable thermostat will ensure no heat energy is wasted.

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