Plumbing course trainees may find themselves putting in plenty of specialist baths over the coming months, according to one expert.

Grahame Morrison of KBB News said lots of British homeowners are taking inspiration from continental European bathrooms when designing their own and adding extra features for luxury.

As bathrooms abroad tend to be larger, Mr Morrison explained that "manufacturers are starting to make 'specialist' baths for soaking, sharing, or stimulating the body".

The expert also said more people are now keen to fit over-bath shower screens suitable for using with power showers where space is limited.

This comes after Cheryl Gurner, creative director of Bathrooms International, said people who have completed plumbing courses may see lots of wood being used in design projects this year.

She suggested homeowners will be opting for coloured timber panels on the walls to create a beach house effect that is more traditional than other finishes.

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