A major event concerning sustainable construction taking place in Manchester this week could encourage more workers to take plumbing courses.

There are plenty of innovative ideas being shared at the Greenbuild Expo - which began yesterday (May 26th) and finishes today - with a huge variety of companies exhibiting their electrical, plumbing and architectural strategies to industry representatives.

Engineers in attendance may have been inspired to take plumbing courses by developments showcased at the event, with seminars, workshops and discussions all taking place over the two days.

Stewart Purchase, director of the housing division at Geothermal International, spoke before the event and highlighted how a previous show in London attracted more than 40,000 attendees.

He added: "There is certainly a huge amount of interest and it is growing all the time, so I am hoping for quite a good turnout."

Some of the companies that were confirmed to attend the show as exhibitors included the UK Green Building Council and the Royal Institute of Chartered Sureyors.

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