Plumbing students getting stuck into practical tasks!


This week at Able Skills we are continuing to help students learn and develop plumbing skills. Our Plumbing courses are some of our most popular training options and for good reason. The plumbing industry is in need of competent workers! In fact the amount of work out there outweighs the amount of professional plumbers which in recent times has resulted in plumbers earning a fantastic living for their services. This is also a resilient industry, plumbers have bounced back throughout this pandemic and have continued to work in a safe and responsible manner. There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment surrounding employment with people finally coming off furlough schemes whilst trades like this continue to earn and even thrive on a self-employed basis. If you have ever thought about training towards becoming a professional plumber, we should be your number one choice! With a great reputation and almost 20-years of experience we can help you to gain the knowledge and ability you need to make next year a time for change and a new, successful career!


What courses do we offer?


We offer a full-range of Plumbing courses! Whether you are looking to gain some basic DIY skills through our Introduction to Plumbing course like the students in the video above or you are looking to work towards a new career through our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course. In addition we offer more advanced qualifications such as NVQs and you can even take on our plumbing training courses on a weekend basis or learn from the comfort of your own home with our Home-Study Plumbing course. When looking to learn the trade of Plumbing you will not find a more comprehensive training programmed than our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course - This 6-week course is designed to teach you the trade from scratch. The course is structured in a way that allows for a real mix between gaining the theory understanding you need within a classroom and learning the practical skills you'll need on a daily basis, our workshops are equipped with up-to-date equipment and tools for you to gain some real experience accompanied by an expired professional.


Plumbing courses

Plumbing student enjoying getting stuck in to some practical experience!


When can I start?


Currently we have spaces available on our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing courses starting 17th May in the new year! If you would like to gain a taste of the trade before committing to this 6-week training course then we do have spaces on our Introduction to Plumbing course starting from the 3rd of May. You can book courses over the phone on 01322 280 202 or you are welcome to visit our training centre in person as long as you are wearing a face covering. Whilst here in person we can discuss the options available in more detail and even take you on a guided look around our facilities. Finally, you can book courses with us online, take a look through our website. On each course page there is a button 'Reserve your Space' where you can see available starting dates and fill in your details. Take a look below at the online booking form specifically for our Level 2 Plumbing qualification...




More Information:


Want to take on Plumbing courses with us but live too far away? If you live a considerable distance from our centre then you may have already thought about booking a hotel in the local area. We actually offer our own accommodation exclusively to our students. Our accommodation buildings are all located just a short walking distance from our centre and can be booked for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students. - If interested make sure to contact us well ahead of your Plumbing courses with us a spaces are limited and often go quickly!



Plumbing courses

Plumbing courses with us result in industry-recognised qualifications.