There are a lot of DIY tasks that homeowners should feel confident enough to handle themselves, according to a source, but others may require the services of a tradesman who has completed electrical courses.

AA Home Rescue spokeswoman Sue Beeson highlighted activities such as putting up picture hooks and painting as examples of what jobs anyone can have a go at.

However, she urged individuals not to try to carry out work on anything involving gas or electrics unless they have taken relevant training such as electrical courses.

"There is a line to be drawn between what is realistic for people to attempt and learn to do and what you should always call the professionals in for," Ms Beeson remarked.

She stressed that it is actually illegal to work on gas appliances without the necessary qualifications.

Engineers in London this week learned that up to 38,000 street lights are set to be replaced in Croydon and Lewisham, which could prompt new job opportunities.

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