Are you thinking about launching your career as a self employed plasterer? Have you had enough of working for others and fancy a stab at going it alone? You probably have your doubts, but know all about the pay-offs. The freedom of working for yourself is hard to beat and, as a self employed plasterer, you can expect to earn more – especially once you have a few years experience under your belt.

So what’s stopping you? Well, for most of us, it’s the uncertainty. It’s not always easy to know that there’s work out there until you start looking. At the other end of the process is the looming figure of taxation. How will you take care of all the money stuff while setting up and running your business?

Don’t panic. It’s perfectly possible and, best of all, your skills as a plasterer are never out of demand. We’ve already shared some helpful tips for self employed tradespeople keen to get to grips with tax. This article will offer a few top tips to get you drumming up business…

1. Network

Whether you’re at the pub or at a networking event, getting talking is essential when you’re looking for work. In all likelihood someone knows someone whose uncle needs a plasterer, and if they don’t they’ll soon stumble across somebody who does. Get out there and get chatting, explain what you do and create a great first impression. Then…

2. Print business cards

If you don’t have a business card ready to deploy at the crucial moment, all of that networking will have been for nothing! A scrap of paper with your number on it just won’t do, so make sure you get something that looks good and inspires confidence printed up. MOO do a good line in designs you can create using their business card builder, or which you can design yourself.

If you’re planning to develop a recognizable brand for all of your marketing materials, you can find great graphic designers on sites like People Per Hour who will put something together for you for less than you’d expect.

3. Print flyers

Once you’ve got a good looking design on your hands, and a designer to help you create good looking marketing materials at a reasonable rate, it’s time to put together some flyers. Underestimate the power of the poster and the leaflet at your peril. Plastering is a local “word-of-mouth” type trade, and a quick flyer through a letterbox or a poster in the window of a local newsagents can be all it takes to drum up custom.

4. Get online

Although physical materials work well, it’s worthwhile getting yourself set up with a website. This can be a helpful trust builder, particularly if you have the time to post your recent jobs and testimonials from happy clients.

5. Sign up for directories

You will probably have to pay a few bob to show up on the major websites out there, but if work is thin on the ground, signing up with a site like Rated People or Yell can get that telephone ringing. Certainly an option to consider.

Have you already launched your plastering business? How have you found drumming up custom? Share your experiences and pointers with other tradespeople below.