The Renewable Heat Incentive - aiming at generating heat from renewable sources - is set to launch from April 2011, and is the latest scheme to be announced in a bid to cut carbon emissions.As a result of the 2020 Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), the heating industry is beginning to see renewable incentives rapidly gathering momentum.Many manufacturers of low carbon and renewable products have been gearing up for the anticipated shift in the way homes are heated despite slowness in financial incentives and legislation. The launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive is a positive sign that renewables are rapidly entering the mainstream.All this means good news for the future of the plumbing industry, especially at a time of economic challenge. For the trainee or those individuals looking to start out to train as a plumber, there has never been a more rewarding time as the switch to green energy pushes forward in all areas of working and home life.A trainee plumber takes his first step on the career ladder by embarking on the Plumbing NVQ 6129 level 2 technical certificate course, which provides all the essential foundation knowledge and introduction to practical installations. Once qualified, the next stage is NVQ level 3 before being considered industry-ready to build up valuable working experience.Learning to work with and install the latest green technologies, such as ground source heat pumps, can also be undertaken as well as gas training.Over 1.5 million gas boilers are sold every year in the UK, and for the vast majority of the population who presently are unable to invest in green technologies requiring a higher initial outlay, the simplest and cheapest method could see the installation of a mix of technologies within existing properties. This might mean for the all round trained and qualified plumber, integrating boilers with solar thermal heat pumps with underfloor heating, along with an array of other combinations.Each property will require individual advice for usage and energy assessor courses are another opportunity to extend a plumbers skillset for future vital and necessary work.