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Renewable contractors could soon be in more demand than ever, as home owners warm to green technology and motorists turn to solar and wind power for free fuel.Train now with Able Skills and get set for the coming boom in green energy.It's no surprise that renewables are getting the green light from Brits.Just last week, Ofgem reported that more home owners have been embracing green technology and solar panels in a bid to save on their energy bills.What is surprising, however, is that even more home owners want to add solar panels, air source heat pumps and biomass boilers to their homes - but they just don't know enough about how to go green.According to utility and environmental consultancy Gemserv - more than 61 per cent of British home owners would give renewables the green light if they were better informed about the cost of installations and the cost-savings they could achieve.Of the 2,000 home owners recently surveyed by Gemserv, 57 per cent wrongly thought installations would be too costly. 32 per cent weren't sure of how much they'd save. And 54 per cent were confused by the government's green deal and didn't know they could use government-backed loans to add solar panels, biomass boilers, insulation and more to their homes.As a result, energy experts have called on the government, energy firms and skilled contractors to help educate and encourage the public in a bid to increase demand for green installations and create more work for skilled solar, electrical and renewable engineers.That being said, green technologies could soon be grabbing the attention of Britain's motorists now green electrical vehicle charging points are being rolled-out across the country's motorway network.Ecotricity, the firm behind the new power points announced this week that solar and wind powered electrical vehicle power points will soon be available at every Welcome Break Service Station, enabling motorists to top up their green electric cars - for free.The firm's said that drivers could save over ?