A new study has shown nearly ten per cent of electricity used in Northern Ireland comes from renewable sources, indicating renewable energy courses could be becoming more popular in the country to match consumer behaviour.

The statistics were released by the department of environment in the country, but a lawyer and green power expert has told the Press Association there is "cause for concern".

Richard Murphy, a representative from McGrigors law firm, said the number of applications for new facilities - which may require the expertise of tradesmen who have completed renewable energy courses - is stacking up.

In his opinion, Northern Ireland needs to look at how the planning application process can be made quicker if the nation is going to meet upcoming environment targets.

"The report is welcome evidence that use of sustainable energy is on the increase. We're clearly headed in the right direction," he was quoted as saying.

Climate change minister for the UK Greg Barker recently suggested the Green Deal strategy could be a "game changer" for environmental issues in the country.

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