Could a plastering course be your route to a new career in the construction industry? Read on to decide if it is a career for you.

Sarah has now finished her plastering course.

Training and achieving new skills is a big part of anyone’s life and taking them new skills into a new career can be very exciting. Many of our students here at Able Skills are here to change careers and start fresh in a completely different industry. Sarah started with a plastering course...

Sarah began training at Able Skills with the Introduction to Plastering course and she enjoyed it so much she decided to upgrade to the full City & Guilds Plastering Course. After completing the introduction course, Sarah decided that she wanted to take her training further, so she upgraded her course.

After having her own pottery business, Sarah wanted to branch out into something else. As she had just recently bought a new house that needed quite a bit of work, she saw plastering as a great way to fix up her own house and begin a new career.

She plans to begin with some small jobs in family homes to build up her confidence. Sarah has been really happy with her learning path as she has been able to cover all areas of plastering and has achieved a lot more than she originally thought.

Throughout her six weeks of training with us, Sarah has been working with both of our plastering instructors, Spencer, and Jo. She has been very pleased with them both as they both have different teaching styles. She said this has really helped her improve as she has picked up tips from both as they gave her guidance on her training, however, also letting her to get on with her work.

However, it isn’t just plastering training that Sarah has completed here at Able Skills, she has also completed one week of plumbing training. Sarah is looking to build up her skills to fix up her home and begin her new career. She has also considered completing some bricklaying courses with us.

Sarah found our training courses on HotCourses and after reading a few interviews from instructors, she knew it was the place for her. Travelling from central London has not be an issue during her time her as she has found it extremely easy travelling in by train each day due to fantastic transport links to our centre.

Being a female, Sarah was worried at first that she would not fit in with a male dominated industry, however, this was not the case and she said she has felt very welcome and was treated no different to any other student.

Sarah is now finished her plastering course and we would like to wish her the best of luck with her new career and hope to see her again soon!