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Becoming self employed can sometimes be difficult, but it's the old saying, 'no risk no reward' is what's helping people see the benefits of working for themselves.

Now don't get it twisted, finding work and growing your own business requires some business savvy. Make sure you remain in the loop with our top 5 tips for becoming a self employed Electrician below!



Let's kick start it off with Tip 1 - Marketing. Yes yes yes, without marketing yourself how do you expect people to know that you exist? Make sure you capitalise off of what's trending and a key area to look at is of course social media!

Creating your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages really do have their perks as it would be wise to upload and share pictures of your recent work for the whole world to see!

The evidence is all there and people love to see real life examples of what your capable of. This truly helps separate you from 'Mr Electrics' down the road as people are naturally more inclined to go with someone who is consistently showing they're busy.

Interpersonal Skills


Perhaps one of the most overlooked tips to growing a successful Electrical Business. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you want someone who doesn't have great people skills? A smile and a good conversation goes a long way which is something that isn't just a trend in this day and age. You have to build a great rapport with clients and let them know they can trust you.

After all, they are trusting you with their domestic or commercial property, something which holds great value and is very close them. Build that relationship and who knows... maybe they'll come back to you in the future!

self employedContinuous Training


Reports have told us time and time again about the skills shortage crisis in the UK. The high demand for Electricians specifically have even resulted in salaries as high as £156,000 as reported by the Daily Mail.

Earlier this year we saw The Independent also report that the shortage of construction workers such as Electricians has officially hit an all time low. They quoted Brian Berry - the Chief Executive of the FMB (Federation of Master Builders) who commented:

“Skills shortages are skyrocketing, and it begs the question: who will build the new homes and infrastructure projects the Government is crying out for?”

With that said, continuous improvement is something we should all aim towards. Why be the same as everyone else when you can offer skills no one else has? Further Electrician training such as the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations Course could be what you're looking for to give yourself/firm the competitive edge you've been looking for.

Perhaps you've taken some staff on who are looking to gain experience alongside becoming qualified. If that's the case the following Electrician Courses may be of some assistance:

self employed electrician




Punctuality! Tradesmen as a whole, unfortunately don't hold a great reputation due to the few that give the rest a bad name through sub standard work and lack of reliability.

Be sure to give a good impression by simply arriving on time and getting it done when you said you would! After all, sticking to your word never goes unnoticed!

Ask for referrals


You've done everything the client has asked for right? And you've done a good job? WELL THEN ASK THEM TO REFER YOU TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Word of mouth is a free form of marketing and always holds more weight when someone close to us can recommend an Electrician. Feel free to leave them a few business cards and ask them to refer your business should they know anyone looking for an Electrician.

There you have it, our top tips for all the self employed Electricians out there. It's all about being resourceful and making use of what's available. Always be on the look out for how you can grab some free promotion as you never know who may call you next!