Renewable energy courses could be set for a spike in interest around Sheffield as a result of the city's plans for energy self-sufficiency - a proposal endorsed by the energy and climate change secretary.

Chris Huhne added his support to the project during a visit to Sheffield College, with the MP describing the initiative as exciting and claiming it will help at a local and national level, according to Click Green.

Sheffield City Council has partnered with E.ON in its efforts to significantly increase the amount of green power generated in the region, which could prompt more tradesmen to consider signing up for renewable energy courses.

"The work that the University of Sheffield and the council are doing on low carbon energy and climate change is setting the pace for other towns and cities," Mr Huhne declared.

A spokesperson from the Friends of the Earth organisation on the Isle of Man recently highlighted to BBC News how there are environmental and economic reasons for areas to become self reliant in terms of energy.

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