The skills shortage in the building industry has been well documented over the last few years and it is still ongoing. With trades short of skilled workers, lots of new builds are slowing down due to lack of workers. It has been said that a lack of qualified Electricians is one area that needs to improve.

Across the whole of the UK a huge surge of building work, which a huge part is housebuilding, is going on in all areas. From high rise flats, big business buildings and affordable homes, workers are needed across the UK. Especially in Kent and the South East of England where building work seems to be at its highest, Electricians will be needed.

Every building has some sort of electrical installations and on a commercial property a full qualified Electrician is needed. With high volumes of work continuously starting across the UK more Electricians are constantly needed.

Here at Able Skills we have all the courses available for you to become a fully qualified Electrician. From the Level 2 course all the way through to the NVQ and AM2.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make that career change you have always dreamed about. Becoming an Electrician could will change your life and give you a whole new earning capacity. It is the perfect time to train as an Electrician with the high volume of work available up and down the country. Gaining the right qualifications are vital to getting the right work. The City & Guilds qualifications are well-recognised in the industry and are internationally transferable.

If you are interested in starting a new career as an Electrician, contact us today on 01322 280 202 for more information. You can help cut the shortage of Electricians while making a brand new life for yourself.