Alex McGuinness is making his way through a City & Guilds 6 Week Plastering course at Able Skills and so far he has really enjoyed learning a new trade.


Throughout his working career, Alex has always been involved in construction and has been mainly self-taught in trades such as Tiling, Decorating and Plumbing. His skills he has picked up throughout his career have helped him be successful working with his father in-law. He now wants to learn some plastering skills.


Here is Alex during his plastering course

They have just started offering plastering in their line of work, so as January is a quiet month Alex decided it was the best time to complete his plastering training and get the skills needed to work within the industry. So far he has learnt a lot more than he initially imagined from course and he is extremely pleased with that. A few things that stood out for him were the rendering, boarding, screeding and plaster patch repairs. However, everything was a huge bonus for him as he had no plastering knowledge before he came to Able Skills.

In his course so far, Alex has had both Spencer and Jo as his instructors and he was very pleased with them both as they were very helpful. He said ‘they have done an outstanding job for everyone and I couldn’t have asked for any more from them both’. He added that they couldn’t do anything better as the whole course was so enjoyable.

Alex has been very happy with his first time at Able Skills and said he will even consider doing extra training here in other trades to expand his knowledge and skills set. He will also recommend us to others in the future as he has been extremely pleased with the course he has been a part of.

Moving onto the future he plans to continue to working with his father in-law and he will now be able to offer more services and complete more jobs with his new skills. His final words on the course were ‘I have learned to offer more services to my customers which is all thanks to Able Skills and especially Spencer and Jo, who are fantastic instructors.'

We would like to wish Alex the best of luck for his future and hope we seem him again soon!