Andrew seems to have been with us for ages. He’s already done the six-week Level 2 Plumbing Diploma and now he has just begun his three-week gas course so that he is able to become gas safe registered.

Andrew booked all his assessments, portfolio, gas and plumbing course all in one go. He’d obviously done his research as he picked Able Skills for all of the above.

When Andrew came to Able Skills he had no real knowledge of plumbing or gas so he had a lot to learn. Now, he says he is very happy with the skills he has learnt and wants to progress even further.

His instructor during his time here was Richard, and he had nothing but good words to say about him. Whenever he would ask for help he would be there, on hand and ready to help.

Andrew didn’t stay in our accommodation on a regular basis but when he had exams he stayed the night so he could revise. He told us that the accommodation had all the essentials he needed and was great value for money.

Becoming a plumber is a big career change for Andrew. Before he came to us at Able Skills he was a social worker. After a successful course here, he is looking forward to his new career as a plumber and gas engineer. Andrew has plans in place to become self-employed and he already has all of his tools, van and work in place ready to go. He has also found a placement to be assessed from by one of our assessors.

Andrew has his plumbing career all planned out and we want to wish him the best of luck for the future.