London Hotel owner needs to fix up his rooms!


James, who has now completed our Introduction to Plumbing course, wanted to get an insight into how certain aspects of plumbing work. So he started off with the introduction course so he could begin with the basics.

Unlike a lot of our students James hasn't come to Able Skills for a career change as he already owns a hotel in East London. However the reason for him doing this plumbing course is for his hotel maintenance purposes because its means that he will have the skills to fix any problems in the hotel bathrooms.

When we spoke with James we asked him what was the most relevant skills that he learnt on the course, which he replied that learning the correct terminology for certain areas was extremely helpful for him because it means he knows the root of the problem and how to fix it. Also he told me how he knew very little about plumbing within a bathroom and now he has come away from Able Skills with a good starting knowledge of the plumbing aspects in a bathroom.

James is yet another student that has great words to say about our brilliant instructors. James said ‘Dan has been really good with me during the week, he has always given us the freedom to get on with our work as well as always being there when I needed his help.’ He also enjoyed that the course was fast paced and very intensive as it meant he was always learning and working really hard. James had high praise for the constant access to materials because he never had to worry about trying to find what he needed as it was all easily accessible.

This was the first course that James had taken with us and he really enjoyed it which lead him to say that he is even considering more courses in plumbing because in just the one week he has gained so much knowledge from it already. After looking around, Able Skills was his first choice and from his experience here he would definitely recommend us to others looking for a course.


James on his final day of his Introduction to Plumbing course

James has now got the knowledge he needs to do the simple maintenance work within his hotel without having to pay for a plumber. Thanks to the great course he has had at Able Skills, James is now considering a career as a plumber in the future.

We would like to wish James the best of luck with his hotel and his future!