Nicki is currently on our five week painting and decorating course here at Able Skills. As she finishes her fourth week, we spoke to her to see how she is getting on.

Over the last four weeks Nicki has been very happy with everything she has learnt. She will be going away from Able Skills with a City & Guilds qualification. She has always been a keen decorator but has never had the qualifications and never known the correct techniques until now. She told us that everything she has been taught is hugely relevant to her future, as she can now embark on a new career in decorating.

She had lots of praise for her instructor Mark, who was always joking with her and the other students. Nicki described him as ‘lovely’, but just as Mark entered the room and she took it all back. All joking aside, she said that he was very helpful throughout the course and is full of great knowledge. There wasn’t anything Mark could have done to make her time here at Able Skills more enjoyable.

This is Nicki’s first course at Able Skills and by the sounds of it, it won’t be her last. She is already considering doing other courses. She has plans to either gain a higher qualification in painting and decorating or even going to do the carpentry course, which will broaden her skill set.

Nicki says she is going to recommend us whenever she gets the chance, as she is very happy with what she has achieved during her time here. Nicki also said that she has heard excellent feedback from the people that have stayed at our accommodation.

Before Nicki came to Able Skills she was a housewife with two children and would do some painting and decorating for friends and family now and again. However, thanks to Able Skills she has managed to gain a fantastic qualification. She now plans to go self-employed but has considered working with someone to gain experience and confidence.

With work lined up already for when she finishes Nicki is really pleased with the turn around and couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We would like to wish Nicki the best of luck with her decorating career and everything in the future, and we look forward to seeing her again soon.