In this latest instalment of our Student Stories, we caught up with Kirstie while she was completing one of our electrician courses via a home study option.  

Able Skills Student Kirstie in the electrical workshop

Our Student Stories series of articles takes you right to the heart of Able Skills and what it’s like to train here.

You’ll also see the many reasons why people choose to learn construction trade skills. Whether it’s developing technical knowledge to progress a career or learning a trade for the very first time to work on personal projects, the reasons and motivations are wide-ranging.  

Here, Kirstie tells us a bit about herself, how she’s getting on with the course, the reasons she chose it in the first place, and what she plans to do with her qualification when she finishes.  

Which course are you currently doing?  

“Home Study Electrical Level 3” 

The Home Study Electrics Level 3 is suitable for those who already hold a level 2 electrical installation qualification. All our electrical courses combine practical and theoretical training. For the home study options, the theory part is done at home. The practical sections are done in the Able Skills training centre. 

Why did you choose Able Skills for your training? What made us stand out against other training providers?  

“The home study options made you stand out, which are perfect to fit around my work schedule, as I work weekends and can’t take weekdays off work for multiple weeks.” 

You’re partway through the course already, which bits have you enjoyed the most?  

“I’ve enjoyed learning all the equations and I’m looking forward to the practical testing lessons.”  

How have you found the instructors on the course?  

“They’ve been amazing at explaining everything. Anything that was unclear from the study guide is broken down and explained in a simple way.” 

Is there anything that has surprised you about the course?  

“I was surprised how many drawings are needed! It’s very enjoyable but I was expecting much more writing to be needed in the final project.  

“I was also surprised by how many other females were on the course – nearly half the class!” 

When you finish the training, what do you plan to do? 

“I am currently working as an M&E engineer so will return to that – but with a lot more knowledge!  

“I will be able to move up a pay grade and will be allowed to do more tasks once they have assessed my knowledge.”  

What are your long-term career goals?  

“To have my own electrical company. I will need to get a lot more on-site experience, but my goal in the next five years is to start a company and show that females can make it in a male-dominated industry.” 

Would you recommend Able Skills to your colleagues and friends for electrician courses? 

“Yes, I’ve had great support from the training centre and there are so many options to suit your needs and experience.”  

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If you're interested in finding out more about electrician courses and home study options at Able Skills, we recommend visiting the centre. There’s no need to book an appointment as we have an open-house policy, meaning you can turn up any time that we are open, have a look around the centre and chat to existing students and instructors.