James has just finished his NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying course at Able Skills and he had extremely high praise for the course and his instructors. He is another happy student who has left Able Skills with excellent skills and a great qualification.

Before Able Skills, James didn’t know the first thing about laying a brick and now he is leaving here qualified and ready to work as a bricklayer. Considering he was previously a shop owner, he has now made a huge change to his career. James has learnt a huge amount during his course as he is now very confident in building walls as well as more complicated structures.

Thanks to his instructors Simon and Mark, James is now ready to go out and work self-employed or for a company.

James admitted that he really struggled at the beginning of his course and had times when he debated whether to carry on or not, openly admitting that there is much more to learning bricklaying than he had first thought. However thanks to the huge support he was given by Simon and Mark he was able to keep up with his assessments and excelled in the course. Both instructors said that James was a pleasure to teach and was always willing to listen and learn as well as gain a respect for the complexity of the subject. After 8 weeks of really hard work James has achieved his City & Guilds qualification and has been registered for NVQ and he couldn’t be more pleased about it.

There was also high levels of praise for the centre from James. He was very pleased about the way he was able to pay for his course in weekly instalments. Not paying for the course upfront was a huge factor for James as he wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. James also mentioned how he wasn’t pressured into buying the course and that Able Skills gave him time to make a decision to see if it was right for him. He said ‘Able Skills have been very good to me and I will happily recommend them to anyone looking for a course because all instructors and office staff are very helpful and friendly.’


Our Bricklaying centre

James’ bricklaying course was his first at Able Skills and he is sure it won’t be his last because he has plans to complete his NVQ Level 3 at a later stage. However, before he comes back James plans to put his new skills to use and work as a self-employed bricklayer by taking on work in his local area. This is a huge career change for James as he was in the retail industry beforehand and now he is entering the construction industry.

We would like to wish James the best of luck for the future and we hope to see him soon!