Is a career in plumbing something you’ve considered, but haven’t pursued due to the period you’d need to spend training? 

For many people, the time commitment involved with ‘traditional’ construction training means that building a career in the trades simply wouldn’t be feasible. 

This lack of accessibility will also have had a negative impact on the ongoing skills shortages across the construction industry, ruling out significant groups of potential new candidates who could help to fill at least some of these major gaps in the workforce. 

One way in which Able Skills aims to open up the industry to as many people as possible is by offering many of our courses on a home study basis. This includes our Level 2 Plumbing course (C&G 6035-02), which will cover everything needed to take you from complete beginner through to being qualified to take on domestic plumbing work. 

How does the course work? 

At the beginning of your course, you will be provided with a home study pack covering all the necessary theoretical elements of the plumbing qualification. This can be studied at your own pace and to a schedule that suits you without any need to visit the training centre at this stage.  

There is no set time period in which you need to complete your studies, offering you full control over your learning schedule.

Once you are comfortable and confident in your theory knowledge, only then will you need to attend the training centre where you’ll be able to complete the practical training and assessments needed to obtain your City & Guilds qualification. 

Who is the course suitable for? 

The Able Skills home study plumbing course is an ideal entry route for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the industry, but who can’t commit to the usual structured pattern of full-time learning. 

This is a great option for parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to fit training around childcare. It’s also a popular choice for those already in full-time employment who are hoping to switch careers, but who couldn’t afford to take the time off work that would be needed to complete a full-time course. 

Anyone who lives far away from the training centre may also prefer the home study route, as it helps to minimise costs when it comes to travel and accommodation. 

What are the benefits of the home study plumbing course?

The most obvious benefit of the Level 2 Home Study Plumbing course is the control it grants you over your learning schedule. By not having to attend the training centre until your theory learning is complete, you can be much more flexible in where and when you complete the initial stages of your training. 

This flexibility also applies to the finances involved with your training. You’ll only need a deposit to secure your spot and begin your learning, and the remaining cost of the course can then be split into manageable, interest-free instalments. 

In each training period, we limit the number of people enrolled on the home study course. By doing this, we’re able to avoid any scheduling issues when it does come to attending the training centre, and it also ensures you always receive the best-quality training and care available. 

“Recently finished my level 2 plumbing course with Able Skills and genuinely, I cannot believe how much I have learned in the time that I have been with them. I opted for the Home Study course as I needed flexibility. I used my study time wisely so that I didn’t struggle with any of the exams that I had to do. 

“The practical time with Able gave me the benefit of a few instructors which was good as everyone has a different take on how things should be done so you learn many ways – Jim in week 1 was great, very organised and to the point, Richard on a couple of the other weeks was more laid back, very funny guy and I had Mo for my final week — so very supportive on my final assessment. All in all, a great investment of time and money – worth every penny – I highly recommend giving them a go if you need to learn a trade.” - Steve, Trustpilot review

You can find more information about Able Skills Level 2 Home Study Plumbing course online here. If you’d like any more information, then please feel free to give our team a call on 01322 280 202.