plumbing coursesA new study has shown that people who take plumbing courses will experience great demand for their skills.Research by Yell revealed that there are 823,000 Google searches for the phrase 'plumbers' nationwide each month, which goes to show that people will always need plumbing services no matter what the state of the economy is.The capital is the place to be for those who have the appropriate plumbing qualifications with 40,500 monthly searches for London plumbers while Manchester plumbers generates 8,100 searchers per month and Glasgow plumbers gets 6,600.Able Skills are located in Kent but can help anyone achieve qualifications so that they can become a plumber in the area of their choosing as we own three properties to accommodate the growing numbers of people travelling from distance.With approximately 120,000 registered plumbers currently working in the UK, there is competition for customers but those with the most up-to-date qualifications and skills will have the edge.Able Skills has dedicated training centres for both existing and new plumbers and we encourage anyone who is looking to improve their skills to come pay us a visit at their own convenience.