City & Guilds holds a vital role in overseeing training standards and health and safety across the construction industry. 

For more than 140 years, City & Guilds has worked with various institutions — ranging from governments and colleges to businesses and private training providers like Able Skills — to support lifelong learning opportunities.

Recognised as the UK’s most trusted training and educational institute, City & Guilds accreditation is a clear sign that a course or provider meets the latest high standards and regulations of the industry it supplies training for. 

At Able Skills, we’re proud to be a City & Guilds accredited provider of construction training. 

As well as delivering a variety of City & Guilds trade courses, a large number of our own courses, built by the time-served professionals that make up our teaching team, have also been assured by City & Guilds. This is a testament to both the quality of our training, as well as the fantastic tutors responsible for delivering it. 

Why should you choose a City & Guilds accredited centre?

For a course or centre to be accredited by City & Guilds, it must meet the incredibly high standards laid out by the organisation. There are various meticulous benchmarks in place to ensure students have access to the best possible teaching, assessments and administrative processes.

These standards are constantly shifting with the introduction of new technologies and regulations, meaning training providers need to consistently evolve to retain their accredited status. 

This means that anyone undertaking a City & Guilds course does so knowing that they will be training to the highest possible standard, and that their skills and knowledge will meet all the latest regulatory requirements of their industry. 

Potential employers could also look for City & Guilds accreditation as a way of understanding the level at which a person has trained, making it an effective way to stand out when looking for work. 

Choosing a City & Guilds provider can also help when it comes to speeding up your training progression. Since all the modules and assessments included in City & Guilds training are the standard across the industry, you’re less likely to hit roadblocks as a result of not covering something that might be essential to moving on to the next stage or level of qualification. 

If you’d like any further information about the City & Guilds training and qualifications on offer at Able Skills, then please feel free to give us a call on 01322 280 202.