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Skill gaps continue to be a major issue right across the UK workforce, with new research from CV Genius finding that a third of recruiters say they struggle to find suitable candidates with the necessary skill sets to fill vacancies. 

The research also found that alarmingly 28% of the UK workforce are underqualified for their job role. 

These findings emphasise the value of high-quality, accessible training to any sector, particularly when it comes to an industry like construction in which health and safety must be priority number one.

Despite the urgent need to attract and recruit new talent, it’s integral that neither hiring businesses nor candidates cut corners when it comes to training and qualifications. 

Skills shortages in construction 

The construction industry’s issues with skills shortages have been well documented for years now, though this continues to be a leading problem for businesses, meaning bosses face stiff competition for high-calibre talent. 

The latest UK Trade Skills Index highlights how the industry is likely to need 937,000 new recruits over the next decade. This is due to a combination of factors, with an ageing workforce and gaps left as a result of Brexit two of the most frequently cited causes amongst construction leaders. 

Another study from the Federation of Small Businesses (via Business Matters) also found that while skills gaps were being felt across all industries, construction has been hit particularly hard with half of all companies in this sector saying they were struggling with skills shortages. 

In addition, a survey carried out by PBC Today found that the construction industry’s image is hampering its ability to attract new talent, with two-thirds of respondents saying they would never consider working in the sector.

This was after participants were asked to evaluate sectors based on a range of factors like prestige and potential earnings. PBC Today’s findings highlight a major need for hiring bosses and the wider industry to better communicate the variety of opportunities a career in construction can lead to.

What people need to consider when looking for work

It’s vitally important that anyone looking to build a career in construction understands exactly what qualifications and training they need to complete before entering the industry. 

Taking the time to find an accredited course that meets the latest industry standards with a respected training provider is one of the most effective ways to get your career off to the best possible start. 

While the ongoing skills shortages are proving to be a consistent concern for businesses, on the flip side, it does mean there are likely to be opportunities for both experienced and new workers who hold these sought-after skills and qualifications.