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Gas Training Courses at Able Skills

Been thinking about Gas Training Courses?  Maybe it's time you take a look at just some of the reviews we've received from our very own students. From the full time 7 week course, to other Gas Courses like the Boiler Fault Finding Course.

We're massively proud of the feedback we receive considering the amount of time we take to ensure all of our students are happy with the training they receive.

Please have a quick read below of the reviews we're referring to....

T Nowak

“Very well explained course (all factors, regulations etc.)  Good ratio of working on the floor and being in a classroom. The teacher spent more time on the hardest parts that were hard to understand, which overall helped me understand it better.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

R Edwards

“Very informative, great experience, learned a lot throughout the course!.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

M. Ali

“John has a remarkable level of knowledge, experience and passion for gas work. He explains and teaches where you can go from not knowing much to have a great understanding. John was also excellent and helpful as I am a slow learner.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

A Puanle

“Roy is a complete value for money!.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

B. Demirci

gas training courses

Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

“Richard is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and goes over areas again if certain individuals struggle on areas. Jon was also great; his training method was second to none. Fantastic industry tips as well from someone that has been there and done it.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

D. Davidson

“Very informative course which explains the workings of the boilers, there components and how to test and diagnose a multitude of problems. The teachers are well informed and will talk through any boiler problems you may come across.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

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