For the past few years it is a well-known fact that the construction industry is suffering from a skills shortage. With even more construction work being planned across the UK and less skilled workers. The skills shortage is causing a problem for the housing developments as some work isn’t being completed on time due to the lack of skilled workers.

Many trades are being affected by the skills shortage as they are all struggling to find the skilled workers. The biggest shortage seems to be amongst bricklayers and plasterers, however, all trades are in need for more skilled workers that have the qualifications and skills to work on site.

The skills shortage is causing problems within the construction industry.

The skills shortage is causing problems within the construction industry.

Younger people are being targeted to help narrow the skills gap and they are being encouraged the join a construction industry that offers lots of work. However, skilled workers do not always have to be the younger generation.

At Able Skills, students prove every single week that you can retrain whenever you want no matter how old you are or what skill set you already have. We have lots of construction students every week taking courses in all the construction trades to get the skills and qualifications to begin working.

These students are helping plug the wide gap of skilled workers in the construction industry and Able Skills have helped them gain the skills to be ready to go out and work. It is very important that at Able Skills we help train every student so they are ready to go out and work. This will allow them to work and reduce the skills shortage.

If you are interested in becoming a bricklayer, plasterer or a skilled worker in any other construction trade, then Able Skills is the place for you. You can contact us today on 01322 280202 and we will be more than happy to help you make the right decision on a new career in construction.