Thoughts from our students on Home-Study Plumbing courses!

Here at Able Skills we are always aiming to be flexible when it comes to how students train and achieve qualifications. Plumbing courses are some of our most popular training options, however, it is obvious that not everybody can commit to 6-weeks of training. We offer alternative training options such as being able to train over a series of weekend but Home-Study courses are exclusive to our centre and are a great way to start training towards a new career from the comfort of your own home. Our Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course is a great option allowing you to achieve an industry-recognised qualification around and existing job and or prior arrangements and so on. Today, we are going to take a look at some thoughts from students ho recently completed this course, a look at how the option works and how you can get started...


"The centre had really good reviews online which influenced my decision to train here along with the Home-Study option being so convenient for me. I thought that the course was really good, it seemed to flow very well and overall was taught at a good pace that was easy to follow. I have progressed a lot and absolutely learned a whole lot. The course was value for money and I would definitely recommend this centre for plumbing training." - M Kilbane

"I found Able Skills online whilst researching how to become a plumber. I decided to train here in the end after talking to other training providers who seemed to try and pressure me over the phone and were intent on selling me the course. The content and the way that the course was delivered was very good! I now understand the more technical side of plumbing and generally have a better understanding of plumbing processes." - B Pont

"Able Skills is a fantastic company offering great courses, Mo has been great throughout my training and I couldn't expect any better. The course has been great and I have learnt so much over the time that I have spent here. As the weeks have gone on I have noticed real improvement in my work and my ability to use various tools. Mo is full of knowledge and that helps a lot with confusing subjects and situations during some parts of the practical training. I cannot recommend this course enough and the rest of the centre. Great place to learn, good environment and the courses are worth the money." - G Weeks

"I found the training centre online and noticed great reviews online and felt more confident about choosing this place as they let you come and look around before booking! The home study option was great but I needed more study materials at home I felt. However, when it came time to attend the centre everything was perfect. I've made good progress and I have really enjoyed the course. The instructors are excellent. Thanks you!" - P Juel

"Mo was excellent couldn't fault him at all. He is a very knowledgeable and friendly man that was happy to help. Honestly the instructor to me had impeccable teaching methods and was always on hand with the entire group. I have progressed considerably during my time on the course and feel more confident than ever in my plumbing ability and insight. Great staff and a great place to learn!" - A Turner

How do Home-Study courses work?

The Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course  will start at home. We will send you a 'Home-Study Pack' inside this pack you will find all of the theory knowledge needed for this qualification as well as test questions and contact details for one of our instructors. This pack will effectively replace the instructor for the theory side of the course. Take your time to study everything that has been provided and refer to the included example questions to test yourself as you study. We recommend that you take at least 6-weeks to fully engage with what's been provided. Once you feel that you understand the condense of the pack it will be time to contact us and book 20-days worth of practical training and time for the relevant exams. The 4-weeks Monday - Friday should be separate as appose to a 4-week block and can be chosen to suit you. You'll then get hands on with practical training here in our workshop learning the tools of the trade and putting your new-found theory knowledge into practice. Finally, you will look to take on practical assignments and on-line exams here at Able Skills.

plumbing courses

Plumbing students getting some practical experience here at Able Skills.

How do I get started?

To book courses with us and get started on your Home-Study Plumbing courses give us a call on 01322 280 202! Over the phone we can answer any questions that you have, discuss how courses work and process your booking. Alternatively you are welcome to come and visit our training centre in person. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! No need to book an appointment or even call ahead, you are welcome to visit us unannounced just make sure you are conscious of social distancing guidelines and wear  face covering whilst talking to our staff.


Plumbing courses

Plumbing courses with us result in industry-recognised qualifications