Richard’s Level 2 6710-23 City and Guilds Tiling Diploma

Richard is working through his tiling diploma course.

Richard is working through his tiling diploma course.

Changing a career isn’t always the easiest life change, however, it is possible and for Richard he is making it happen. He is currently working through his tiling diploma course here at Able Skills in Dartford.

Thanks to our accommodation at Able Skills we have students from all over the UK and Richard is one of them. He lives in Oxfordshire and has been working as a Taxi Driver, however, when Richard decided he wanted to change his career he chose Able Skills as he place to train.

Richard has come to Able Skills all the way from Oxfordshire to complete our Level 2 Tiling Diploma course. The idea of getting a qualification he can be proud of was a big pull for him to do the course and he plans to go out and work self-employed as a Tiler.

With only a few weeks left of his course he is already making plans for his new career. Already he has some work lined up for when he finishes the course so he can go straight out to work and earn. Richard told us that he could be working as a Tiler as soon as 22nd May.

Throughout his course, he has completed two weeks of plastering training and the rest of tiling and his skills have progressed massively in this time. He has thoroughly enjoyed his course and had extremely high praise for both his instructors, Terry and Max.

Recently, he went to a Topps Tiles trade night, which Terry told him about. During this trade night, there was a competition for tile cutting and Richard decided to have a go and was up against experienced tilers. With around 50 people entering the competition, Richard won beating many experienced tilers who have been tiling for many years. His prize for winning the competition was a Topps Tiles tile cutter, which was perfect as he is starting to get all his tools to go out and work.

Thanks to his excellent new skills learnt at Able Skills, Richard proved he is a very good tiler at the trade event. He is now looking forward to getting out their working with his new skills and new tools.

We would like to wish Richard the best of luck with his new career and hope to see him back at Able Skills in the future for some more training.