Time for you to undergo your NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Assessment?

Is it that time in your plumbing career where you are looking into taking on an NVQ? Well...We are here to help, at Able skills we run NVQ courses. We have plumbing assessors ready to test your on-site competency - firstly, are you currently in employment? Because you will need to be in some type of employment that involves plumbing to be considered for an NVQ! Please note that this isn't a training course for anyone reading this that is new to the trade. It is simply an assessment process which takes place wherever you are undertaking plumbing work.

plumbing courses

Plumbing Courses at Able Skills.

There are two different routes to achieving your NVQ:

  • The experienced Plumber WITH qualifications
  • The experienced Plumber WITHOUT qualifications

The Experienced Worker without qualifications route will require you to:

  • Undertake study at home to prepare you for the online exams in the centre
  • Undertake practical assessments in the centre
  • To have work-based assessments completed

For level 2, the work-based Plumbing assessments will be to establish your competence in being able to:

  • Maintain the Safe Working Environment when Undertaking Work Activities.
  • Maintain Effective Plumbing Working Relationships.
  • Contribute to the Improvement of the Plumbing Work Environment.
  • Install Non-complex Plumbing Systems and Components.
  • Decommission Non-complex Plumbing Systems.
  • Maintain Non-complex Plumbing Systems and Components.

Upon successful completion of NVQ plumbers often seek more ways to earn extra money, especially when working on a self-employed basis. Naturally Gas comes to mind...Having the ability to offer both trades makes you much more attractive in general. The two trades are very similar in terms of the tools, equipment and appliances they work with. As a plumber, you immediately become eligible for the 5-week course rather than the 7-week course. Why? Because you will already have the required Plumbing Skills needed to become a successful Gas Engineer (Meaning the two trades involve similar skills such as pipe-work for example). The two trades go hand-in-hand, both involving a lot of the same tools, skills, theory, appliances and much more. It is a typical route for plumbers to take so we devised this Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course. Which includes everything you need to become a Gas Engineer; 5-weeks of intense hands-on training, portfolio completion and an ACS assesment. The only thing that is not included is; registration to the Gas Safe Register, which by law is needed for anyone to be able to carry out Gas work legally in the UK!

Want some more information?

If you are interested in our plumbing courses but would like to gain some further information about this kind of training, our facility or about enrolment give us a call on 01322 280 202. Otherwise, feel free to come into our office unannounced during opening hours 8:30 - 16:30 we encourage potential stduents to come in ask questions, seek advice, enrol and eve take a look around our centre to get a feel for the environment you will be studying within.


Looking to get involved with one of these electrical courses or any of the training that we offer, but you live a considerable distance from our centre? Not to worry! We have accommodation available for a short walk from our facility for just £20 per night! For more information about this, availability and so on, just give us a call on 01322 280 202 - We are here to help!

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