Timothy Gibson - From Teaching To Electrician Courses


electrician coursesToday we tell all about one of our latest students to successfully complete the Level 2 Electrical Course - one of the several Electrician Courses held at Able Skills. Timothy Gibson has come from a different background to most as he told us he's making his transition over to the world of electrics from teaching. Now that isn't something we hear everyday here, but we do hear of many students who have come from less hands on job roles and we hope Tim makes great progress in the real world from a course he told us was exactly what he expected. Let's find out a bit more about his story!

How long were you a teacher for and what made you choose electrics?

I went into teaching not long after university at the age of 24. Having been a teacher for 3 years now, I see that it isn't really the role for me. There were things I liked about the job such as it being engaging and of course a social role, but ultimately I couldn't quite see myself doing it forever.

For me it was the first real insight into the world of work as I started out teaching at a young age. A lot of my friends went down the route of learning a trade with one friend especially making loads more money than I was. That really turned my head as he's now working for himself with a lot of work lined up for the future. After seeing him do so well, I knew I wanted that sort of life for myself too.

What made you choose Able Skills?

Well my friend actually became qualified here too. He did his City & Guilds Level 2 first, before doing his Level 3 Electrical Course and his 18th Edition. He recommended I come here, have a look around the centre and read the online reviews left by previous students. John in the office showed me around all of the Electrical Centres which looked great, after I called up to find out more about the course.

Having being recommended by my own friend, seeing other students leave positive feedback and get a good look for myself, I knew I would get a good experience here.

And how did it go?

electrician Courses

Able Skills Electrician Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Well I honestly couldn't fault it. There were some guys with more experience than me and I really liked how Brian (instructor) catered for everyone at different levels. He broke everything down so I could understand as there was some electrical terms I wasn't familiar with. It was also good for someone else to do the teaching for a change!


Next I'll be working with my friend. He's has a lot of simple and complex jobs coming up which will give me tonnes of experience. I'll also follow in his foot steps and do the Level 3 and 18th Edition in the new year. After that I can see myself doing private work and eventually run my own company too!

If you want a change of careers and are thinking of turning Electrician Courses, take a quick look what we can do for your career here.