Workers with approved electrical or plumbing qualifications could benefit from the recent announcement that rural councils are to receive funding for new housing developments.

The initiative, announced by housing minister John Healey and rural minister Dan Norris, aims to give towns and villages in the countryside access to £1 million to help with the planning of new affordable homes projects.

Communities and Local Government and Defra willl provide the money, which will help to offer expert advice on how to masterplan new developments and increase the provision of housing in rural regions.

Mr Healey commented: "These proposals will give councils the flexibility and expertise they need to help provide affordable homes for local people that are built to a high standard."

Local tradespersons who have taken training courses may find themselves in high demand to ready the new properties for future inhabitants and ensure that they are of a sufficient quality.

Martin Collett of the English Rural Housing Association recently stated that more affordable housing was needed in the countryside to make sure that local services are not forced to close due to people moving away.

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