After you’ve fitted your radiator, you need to fit the pipes to feed and drain them. These should run in a straight and even line along the wall under the radiator. Here’s our easy-to-use guide on how to measure out and fit pipe clips of different sizes.

Step 1. Mark the centre of the flow pipe

Take a pencil and mark the exact horizontal centre of the flow pipe on the wall. Then draw a level line all the way along where the pipe will run and where the pipe clips will be fixed. The line needs to be perfectly level so use your spirit level to check.


Step 2. Pipe size

Any radiators upstairs or near the boiler will use 22mm pipe. You will downsize to 15mm pipe when going downstairs or far from the boiler as this will help to maintain pressure. This will make sure all radiators get the same amount of hot water.


Step 3. Fix clips

Always ensure that your pipework fits the clips and not the other way around. This will mean your pipes are always straight.


Step 4. Screw clips

The screw will go on the line, so the pipes are lined up correctly. For 22mm pipe, the clips sit roughly 1.2 metres apart. For 15mm pipe, the clips are 1.8 metres apart. Once fitted, there is no more need for your spirit level because your clips should be perfectly straight./p>