In this tutorial our expert plumbing instructor Jim talks about the process of using the proper equipment to create a crossover. A crossover is when you step over one pipe to connect to another using copper pipe. Let's take a look at the steps he took to complete this task...

Step one:

The first step is planning. You'll want to grab a pencil and some paper and mark out what you are doing. The point of this is to calculate the distance accurately before working with the pipe itself. 15mm gap over a 15mm pipe in this example.

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Step two:

As you can see in the video Jim marks out the middle slightly of to one side. With 15mm pipe you want to keep the longest side on the left as the right side will always get cut as there will be a fitting at the end to receive the other pipe, past the crossover.

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Step three:

Is to make marking on the copper pipe itself. So, follow the video and mark out where the bend will need to be. Get a ruler and put in into the angle you are looking to create.

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Step four:

Time to make the first bend. Put the pipe into position within the bender and pull either side making sure that you are creating a bend following the angle of the ruler.

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Step five:

Next you will want to lay the pipe back onto the template to ensure that your marking match what you have done with the pipe itself.


Step six:

Mark out some tangent lines using a marker onto the pipe itself. Then place back into the bender.


Step seven:

Finally bend on the marking in the opposite direction. Make sure not to bend the exact same angle as before as that would create and offset bend.

Put it back on your template one last time and you'll see that you have accurately created a crossover bend.

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