With news that the UK construction industry continues to power ahead, despite other sectors contracting following the recession, there could not be a better time to enrol on a course in a construction-related trade. This is a great way to increase your chances of employment in one of the fastest growing industries in Europe.

There are bricklaying courses and ACS gas courses, for example, which could significantly increase your chances of becoming employable.

Speaking of the growth in the construction industry, one expert said, “On the face of it, this is a pretty encouraging survey that points to decent construction expansion in April. Furthermore, pretty healthy new orders suggests the construction sector is set for ongoing output growth in the near term at least, so is poised for appreciable expansion in the second quarter.”

While other sectors struggle, the construction industry is able to offer steady and ongoing employment and the chance to work in a vibrant and challenging industry. Retraining, by taking one of the many courses available, will help not only move you towards a rewarding career, but can also help solidify your position once you are in. In short, anyone who currently works or wishes to work in the construction industry should never stop trying to add qualifications to their CV in order to always be one step ahead of their rivals when it comes to getting a better job.