Whether you’re preparing to take your first steps towards a career in the tiling industry, or you simply want to learn some valuable DIY skills, Able Skills offers a range of tiling courses to suit all experiences and goals. 

Continuing our Student Stories series, we caught up with two tiling students last month to hear about how they are getting on with their courses.

Four-week Tiling Course

David, who has travelled from the US to do a course with Able Skills, is doing a four-week tiling course before moving on to carpentry and potentially plastering. He spoke highly of his training so far, saying: 

“The training course is really good, I’ve learned a lot over the past four weeks. I learned a tonne just within the first week or two, I gained so much experience in those first couple of weeks, it’s been really good.”

He was also full of praise for Bryan, who is one of our vastly experienced tiling tutors. 

“Bryan is a good guy and he’s a good instructor. He taught me everything I needed to know at the beginning and then let me do my own thing which was a really good way to go about things.”

NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course

Peter, who is thinking about switching to a career in tiling, is currently completing his NVQ Level 2 with Able Skills after spotting our positive reviews online. 

“From where I started, only doing little splashbacks, now I can do a whole room myself, I feel much more confident and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Again, Peter has also been impressed by our teaching team and has enjoyed getting to grips with the trade under Ryan’s guidance.

“Ryan’s really good, he’s taught me loads of different ways to make different cuts and little tricks — he’s been really helpful and really interactive."

Fantastic facilities

All training will be taught in our dedicated tiling unit. This area has been built specifically to accommodate training that replicates real-world situations as closely as possible, and contains the latest equipment for you to use as you complete your learning. 

Having a devoted tiling unit allows us to ensure that all sessions remain super focused with no distractions from other trades being taught in the same area. 

From introductory courses right through to in-depth learning packages that lead to formal industry qualifications, you can find more information about all of Able Skills’ tiling courses online here. If you’d like to come down and have a look at our tiling facilities before committing to a course, please do feel free to drop by anytime we’re open and one of our friendly team would be happy to show you around.