Person leaning over a table and cutting wallpaper

At some point in our lives, most of us will likely have completed some kind of painting or decorating task around the house, whether it’s sprucing up skirting boards, varnishing cupboards or hanging wallpaper. 

For many people, this can often spark a passion and you may want to find ways to expand your skills and knowledge. 

We’ve picked out a few reasons why joining a painting & decorating course could be worth your while, and the advantages of doing a decorating training course in a proper training environment. 

Learn from experienced professionals

Being taught by experienced painters and decorators who boast decades of working in the industry is priceless. No ‘how to’ videos can come close to matching the advice and insights these tutors are able to offer.

Being taught hands-on by qualified professionals will help prevent you from getting into bad habits and being able to ask questions throughout your training will help you quickly solve anything you’re unsure about. 

Aside from the practical skills, training under these time-served professionals can be extremely valuable when it comes to gaining first-hand insights and advice about the industry as a whole. 

No waiting around for busy tradespeople

For those who plan to use their skills for personal projects and home renovation, having the confidence to complete painting and decorating tasks yourself means you don’t have to rely on often busy tradespeople. You’ll be able to work to your own timeline, and can potentially save some money.

Health and Safety

Whether you’re planning to use your painting and decorating skills in a professional or personal capacity, health and safety should be at the forefront of everything you do. By completing your learning in a dedicated training environment you’ll be made fully aware of all the considerations that must be in place to protect yourself, your coworkers and your customers if you pursue it as a career.

Reassure potential clients and employers

While no formal qualification is legally needed to begin working as a professional painter and decorator, gaining your NVQ or City & Guilds certificate is a great way to prove to potential clients and employers that you’ve trained to a high standard.

It is worth noting that if you plan to embark on a career in painting and decorating, you’ll need to hold a CSCS Card if you plan on working on a construction site. 

Are you interested in kickstarting a career in painting and decorating? Able Skills offers a range of expert-led courses that range from introductory level to becoming NVQ qualified. Want to find out more? Drop by the training centre anytime we’re open for a chat, or if you can’t make it in, call us on 01322 280 202.