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Women in construction: A record second year for the Women Installers Together Conference


Earlier this year, in research done for Able Skills, The Sun reported that although most of us would like to see more female plumbers, electricians and builders, 72% of Brits say they have NEVER seen any women in construction.

Well this is most definitely changing as this week marks another milestone for women across the country as the Women Installers Together Conference ran for another consecutive year.

As 'hvpmap' reports, the conference provides a platform for all female Plumbers and Gas Engineers to celebrate making their mark within the industry and letting the world know that the women in construction are here to stay!

The event saw several female speakers


Now the event, held at the Building Centre in London is ran by a lady called Hattie Hasan who initially launched the event. Here's what she had to say:

“To see so many women plumbers and gas engineers, and receive their fantastic feedback, was really uplifting and highlights the importance of this event. Getting such enthusiastic support from the sponsors shows how relevant the WIT conference is to the industry as a whole.”

Guests were in for a surprise next as 2-time Olympian, 6-time World Champion and arguably Britain's most successful female Kayaker, Anna Hemmings shared a few words on the struggles and challenges she faced as she worked her way to the top.

She continued to talk about such adversity in an attempt to encourage the females in the audience to go for what they want to achieve, giving them the inspiration they need to make sure the industry recognises the strength of women in construction.

The Sun

electrical courseFollowing on from Anna was 2 existing female tradesmen; one a Gas Engineer and the other a Plumber. Ruth Pollard spoke about her personal journey to working within heating and plumbing before Lauren Winter shared her story on she undertook Plumbing Training to provide for her daughter.

Lauren told the conference:


“Attending the WIT Conference meant a lot to me, as it meant I got to meet many likeminded individuals and people with the same desires and wants as myself. Being a female in a male-dominated trade can be daunting, but expanding my support network with female tradespeople really gave me a boost. I believe it’s important that these events go on and raising the profile of such days can only be a good thing to promote our industry and hopefully encourage more girls into the trade''

“My highlight of the day has to be having the opportunity to speak to a room of amazing people to share some of my journey. I was scared, but had to go for it as I was honoured to have been given the chance by Hattie.”

You have our full support!


Now here at Able Skills we have definitely seen an increase in the number of females undergoing construction training. From Gas, to Plumbing, and even Carpentry and Electrics!

We are 100% behind women in construction and we're proud to know that the public are starting to recognise the female presence in such industry!

If you are looking to get into Plumbing or Gas like Anna and Lauren, we do have various routes available to you.

For Plumbing Courses, click here.

For Gas Courses, click here.

We'd like to commend those females out there who have taken a risk to being who they wish to be and we would love to see you at Able Skills soon!