Whether you’re ready for a potential career change, or just looking to add a new skill set to your construction services, having the freedom to work towards a tiling qualification on a schedule that suits you opens up a whole host of new opportunities. 

By offering a more flexible approach to traditional tiling courses, Able Skills ensures anyone wanting to develop their talents is able to do so, regardless of individual circumstances. 

Who could our weekend tiling courses work for?

Those looking to get certified 

If you already have tiling experience, but are yet to receive official accreditation, both the City & Guilds and NVQ Level 2 certification courses can be adapted and taught over a series of weekends. 

Full-time workers

Finding time to learn a new skill whilst already working through the week can be a daunting task. A weekend introductory course can be the perfect entry route for anyone wanting to begin their journey, without making any big, long-term commitments. 


Already working within the construction industry and looking to fill a skill-gap? Adding tiling to your services can be an incredibly effective way to complement the expertise you already possess, which in-turn can directly translate to an extra income source. 


Perhaps you’ve always fancied trying your hand at tiling, but finding the time to do so has held you back. The Introduction to Tiling course offers the ideal opportunity to learn the basics over two consecutive weekends, and opens the door to more advanced training and certification further down the line.

Which tiling courses are available on weekends and how long will each programme take to complete? 

Both entry level and more advanced courses can be completed fully or in-part on a weekend basis. Naturally, timescales will vary depending on the complexity of the course you choose. 

Below we’ve listed the courses that can be undertaken on the weekend, along with the level of experience and number of days required for each. 

Introduction to tiling

How long will it take? Two consecutive weekends

Who is it suitable for? Anyone looking to gain basic tiling skills and potentially move on to more advanced courses. 

Three week DIY tiling course

How long will it take? This three-week programme can be broken down into solely weekend sessions, get in touch to discuss how this can be tailored to your individual needs. 

Who is it suitable for? Tradespeople looking to add tiling as a complementary skill. 

Four week DIY tiling course

How long will it take? Again, this normally four-week course can be divided into weekend sessions to suit your schedule—our team will be happy to discuss this further with you. 

Who is it suitable for? Tradespeople likely to be sticking to domestic tiling, who want to offer a broader spectrum of services. 

City & Guilds tiling course 

How long will it take? 14 weekends in total, spread across a two weekend on, two weekend off working pattern.

Who is it suitable for? Those potentially considering a full-time career in tiling. 

NVQ Level 2 tiling course 

How long will it take? 18 weekends in total, spread across a two weekend on, two weekend off working pattern. 

Who is it suitable for? The perfect course for those seeking recognised NVQ certification—a vital accreditation for anyone seeking construction site employment.

What can you do with an NVQ qualification? 

The NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course is geared towards those wanting to earn a living as a tiler. 

At the end of the programme—which covers basics right through to a C&G assessment—you’ll be in a position to register for your NVQ, and ultimately gain your CSCS Experienced Worker or Trainee card (if you arrange independently to sit a CSCS test). 

With a CSCS card, you’ll be ready to work on-site and even have the option to work abroad. Alternatively, you’ll have the option of furthering your studies and pursuing our NVQ Level 3 qualification. 

For more information on the NVQ Level 2 tiling course, or any of our weekend courses, feel free to give us a call on 01322 280 202, request a brochure or pop into the training centre for a chat.